Featured Client: dsb Landscape Architects

January 20, 2021

Innovation, design excellence and practical solutions are hallmarks of dsb Landscape Architects.  Since 1979 our skilled team have assisted clients to develop projects and achieve business objectives on urban, commercial, recreational, and residential projects in the Illawarra, South Coast, Regional NSW, Canberra and Melbourne.

Over the last 40 years, our design touch has included numerous residential, commercial and public domain landscapes. Our design challenge is to enhance the visibility and character of a project by integrating the design sensitively and usefully into its surrounds. We create lush enclaves with retained trees and project an image of vitality, purpose, and intent.

Our landscapes provide long term benefits for clients and the wider community.

Our team members have significant experience and understanding of best practice and value management in the design of landscape and urban spaces that put people first. We see our role as protecting and enhancing project domain amenity, connectivity, and quality while balancing functional and safety requirements.

We prepare industry leading quality landscape design, construction documentation, landscape specifications, and tender documentation. We provide high quality and experienced construction period services to ensure the landscape concept becomes reality.

dsb Landscape Architects provides the experience and quality you are seeking. Contact us about your next project.

Email: dsb@dsbla.com.au
Phone: 02 4258 3511