Success Story: IOT

September 17, 2020

IOT is a group of industry leading occupational therapists and physiotherapists, with extensive clinical experience, providing services to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. Partnering with families, carers and support workers, IOT creates tailored care plans which provide a greater level of support for their loved ones.

The IOT journey began in July 2017 with just one occupational therapist (OT), registering to do work within the NDIS space. This quickly grew to three people and by September the home office was already much too small, so IOT’s partnership with SmartSpace began.

Marie Lucas, General Manager, recalls; “Initially, we took just one room in SmartSpace. It was a lovely office with access to meeting rooms and a welcoming reception area and, even more importantly, it offered complete wheelchair accessibility, which made it ideal for our clients.”

IOT has grown exponentially and now offers a wide range of services and boasts a team of 26 people, including OTs, physiotherapists and administrative staff, spread over a SmartSpace footprint of five larger offices.

Wayne Rohosienk, Practice Manager, explains; “SmartSpace gave us a very professional face to the world which has really helped our business grow from zero to hero in just three years. They’ve really supported us every step of the way, by being flexible and allowing us to grow as we have needed to.”

“The employment conditions we offer our IOT team members are attractive, but one of the things that has really helped us secure great staff is the wonderful work environment SmartSpace, and the whole of the Innovation Campus, provides,” he added.

What’s next
The next chapter in the IOT story will see a Neuro Clinic come to life. Having now outgrown SmartSpace, IOT will soon be moving next door to the Central Building. With a large commercial area purpose built to accommodate all the team and allow further growth, IOT will, for the first time, be able to provide a neuro-rehabilitation physio gym and occupational therapy space for clients with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders. They will also have virtual reality based treatment tools for their therapists to
use with their clients.

A little more about IOT and how it can help SmartSpace members
IOT’s experienced staff are selected for their dedication to client centred outcomes. They have a range of clinical backgrounds and have the skills to support acute, hospital discharge and home based rehabilitation to clients with an NDIS plan.

“We assist our participants to better understand their own body, their particular needs and support them to achieve their goals” Marie concluded.