Featured Client of the Month: Novigi

June 18, 2019

Novigi is a growing Technology Advisory and Services firm with a strong footprint in the Illawarra. We work with our clients to develop and implement transformational technology strategy and have strong interoperability and data capabilities.

We use award winning advisory, data and interoperability techniques to unlock tangible business outcomes for our clients.  Our advisory model is based on enterprise architectural principles where strategy is enabled by careful consideration of the interplay between human capability, process engineering and technology solutions.

By implementing clever enterprise architecture, we can integrate disparate systems resulting in three key business benefits:

  1. Efficiency– removal of manual and time consuming processes through automation
  2. Insight– integration of systems enables the centralisation and surfacing of data.  Data can then be analysed to provide insight into business operations and trends
  3. Innovation– digitisation and the implementation of technology led enhancements of product and service models.

We have some blue chip clients in the Illawarra including close partnerships with the teams at IRT and Mercer Administration (Pillar). Last year, in collaboration with IRT, we won a national award (ITAC – Information Technology in Aged Care) for the best use of big data. We are looking to expand our client base in the region.